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Company established in 2004 in food processing machineries supplied.
Since then our business are growth extremely and we are expanding our business further in packaging and printing industries. With staffs who have many years in the field and understanding customers needed.

Working with our overseas partners, who have been in this industries and with their continues supports, we are able served our customers with higher quality in knives cutting edge blades for packaging, printing, foam, plastic & food industries such as....

Industrial Blade, Hand Knife - Durham Duplex (England)
Cutting knives blades - Lutz ( Germany)
Printing doctor blades - Swedev ( Sweden)
Bandsaw blades - Hakansaw (Sweden)
Foams & Rubbers blades - Sim cut (USA)
Food blades (Meat cutter) - Licoswiss (Swizerland)
All our products are fully imported from USA/ Sweden/ Germany & Swizerland.
With 100% money back guarantee for any customers who are not satisfied from our products.
Thank you for visited our company website and we are looking forward for serving in the near future..
Best regards,

Giới thiệu

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